Life Cell Buoyant Flotation Device - The Yachtsman - 4 Man - Orange

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Life Cells hold all mandatory safety equipment. All supplies are kept dry and safe in the Life Cell's compartment and ready for any emergency. Designed to keep people together in water in times of panic, Life Cells come with lanyards, so that users are not separated from the Life Cell in the case of fatigue or high seas. Life Cells also come with a mounting bracket that is designed to allow the Life Cell to float off its bracket in the event of a vessel sinking. Life Cell Marine Safety also manufacture an optional stainless steel bracket that is designed to mount on railings found on sailing boats. The Trawlerman Life Cell is designed for larger boats or for commercial application. This Life Cell is extremely buoyant and has plenty of room to store all your essential safety equipment including EPIRB in the internal compartment. An external recess will also hold your EPIRB upright in the event that you need to activate once in the water. Life Cells hold all mandatory safety equipment, EPIRB, flares, air horn or whistle, flashlight, or mirror. There is also room for wallets, keys, phone, sun block and a hand held VHF radio. Even water can be stored in the Life Cell. All kept dry and safe in the Life Cells compartment and ready for any emergency


• Light weight flotation device
• High visibility
• Fire, impact, and UV resistant
• Easy grip handles
• 4 Sizes available
• Easily detaches from bracket
• Floats off bracket if submerged
• No expensive servicing required
• Two year warranty


• Keeps safety equipment together
• Easy to access in time of emergency
• Simple to use, even for the novice boater
• Keeps people together in the water
• Ensures compliance with Maritime inspections


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