Life Cell Buoyant Flotation Device - The Trailer Boat - 2 to 4 Man - Orange

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The smallest Life Cell that is designed to fit on smaller boats and can be used in inland or offshore waters. The EPIRB is mounted externally on the side of the Life Cell and the internal compartment will fit all mandatory safety equipment, which can be purchased separately. Mounting bracket is also included in the purchase price.


External 400 depth x 420 length x 170 wide mm
Internal 100 depth x 200 length x 270 wide mm



• Light weight flotation device
• High visibility
• Fire, impact, and UV resistant
• Easy grip handles
• 4 Sizes available
• Easily detaches from bracket
• Floats off bracket if submerged
• No expensive servicing required
• Two year warranty


• Keeps safety equipment together
• Easy to access in time of emergency
• Simple to use, even for the novice boater
• Keeps people together in the water
• Ensures compliance with Maritime inspections


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