Fish Taxidermy, Replicas and Mounts with Online Ordering

We offer two types of fish mounts

1 - Custom Fish Mounts:  You can expect higher quality and cost with production mounts and a 4-6 week lead time.  The custom mounts are painted to your specification or photograph by experienced artists. 



Click on the following two links below for custom fish mounts:

Custom Saltwater Fish Mounts

Custom Freshwater Fish Mounts

2 - Production Fish Mounts:


You can expect in-stock status and much lower prices for production fish mounts.  Imported.   The quality is good, but not comparable to custom mounts.  The paint is standard and cannot be customized. 

Click on the following link below for production fish mounts:

Production Saltwater Fish Mounts

Custom Fish Mount Information:

Note:  Please allow 6-10 weeks for delivery for custom mounts

Click Here for Striped Bass Size Availability, Information & Order Page

By a special agreement with some of the best marine artists in the world, we are now able to offer our fish replica taxidermy service to our customers.  With over 1200 molds currently in production, we can match many of the popular gamefish caught and released around the world.  

We carry most saltwater and freshwater fish replicas.  From a tiny Crappie to a huge Blue Marlin, we have you covered.  If you do not see what you need, please call us.  Many times, we can find the exact mold necessary to re-create your catch of a lifetime.  

We encourage the practice of catch and release angling.  Your release is a gift to the environment and possibly, to other catch and release anglers.  With the ever increasing commercial fishing pressures on the various fish stocks around the world, it is the recreational angler's duty to preserve our sport by gently releasing wild fish back to the waters.

We offer fiberglass mounts which are hand painted by seasoned artists.  In most cases you will receive your fish replica within 6-8 weeks.  All fish under 55" in length will ship via UPS ground.  All larger replicas will be shipped via freight collect with additional crating fees.  Please supply us with the overall length and maximum girth of your released fish.  We will provide you with a quote and description of your fish mount.  See below for a list of our available molds. 

You can order your fish replica right now with our online ordering system!!

Please allow 10-12 weeks for completion and shipping of fish replicas

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