Edson Forespar STA-Plug Emergency Plug - 5" x 9" - Plugs Holes up to 3.5"

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Forespar STA-Plug® Emergency Plug - 5" x 9" - Plugs Holes up to 3.5"

STA-Plug is a soft, cone shaped plug designed to conform to the irregular and unpredictable shapes of a hull breach - controlling the flow of water while you pump.

Whether it's a round hole caused by mechanical failure, or an elongated tear due to impact, STA-Plug adapts to slow or stop the leak.  Unlike old fashioned wooden plugs, STA-Plug's unique shape allow it to be compressed by hand or cut to fit. It also gets in the hard-to-reach locations and can also be pushed into a gap using a screw driver or similar tool.

Dimensions: 5" x 9" The STA-Plug is suitable for holes up to four inches in diameter.

One STA-Plug for every 10' of boat length is recommended. For boats under 30’ we recommend two STA-Plugs and a minimum of three for any boat in excess of 30’. This allows one STA-Plug for a thru-hull/hose failure and provides spares for other holes or to cut in the event of a hull impact breach.

The STA-Plug is constructed of proprietary special purpose foam and coated with a flexible sealer adding strength and color.

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