Comrod AR42M Receiving Whip - 13.5'

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AR42M Receiving Whip - 13.5'

AR42 is an efficient fibreglass receiving antenna for the marine coastal and HF communication frequencies. This antenna can be supplied with protection against static discharges that can harm the receiver.


  • Design: Self supporting fiberglass whip with aluminum armature for mounting
  • Height: 13.5' (4.1m)
  • Weight: 2.7kg, including U-bolts
  • Number of sections: 1
  • Wind rating: 55m/s - 125mph
  • Deflection due to wind load: 1.9m (6.2ft) at tip ball at 55m/s wind load
  • Finish: Polyurethane lacquer white
  • Temperature range: -55°C, +55°C; -67°F, +131°F
  • Waterproof Rating: IP67

Easily mounted to the bulkhead by means of 4 boltholes in the aluminum bracket, or to a mast or tube with U-bolts. The U-bolts in stainless steel are included.

Suitable cable:
RG8, RG213 or similiar

To increase effective height, or in case of emergency, the bracket is supplied with a terminal for external wire antenna.

The antenna is equivalent to AR40.


  • Length (Inches): 13.5'
  • Construction: Fiberglass
  • Color: White
  • Antenna Band: VHF/Cellular/PCS
  • Box Dimensions: 4"H x 4"W x 180"L WT: 12.5 lbs

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