Black Bart Super ProJet - Black Dot/Rainbow

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Big brother to the ProJet, sized for the billfish yet still catches its share of Tuna. This guy is also a red hot choice for Wahoo and Dolphin. Best trolled from the riggers in foul or good weather. Rig this hot jet with 9/0 hooks. Try two pro jets from the riggers, and two Super Pro jets flat. Then go out to the canyons...but you had better eat your Wheaties. 

2016 White Marlin Open 790 lb B. Marlin team "Get Reel" 
701.3 lb Blue Marlin, Cameroon record team "Ringo"

Hard Head 
Weight Skirted: 6 oz / 170 grams 
Head Length: 2" / 50.8mm 
Head Diameter: 1.3" / 33mm 
Skirted Length: 13" / 330mm 
Leader: 300 - 500lbs 
Replacement Skirt Size: S5

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