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Black Bart Hawaiian Breakfast - Green Dot/Black Dot

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Another sized down Breakfast just waiting to be devoured by a Marlin or other predator. This Breakfast is sized for action, a swimmer, diver, big splash, quick darting action teasing predators into a frantic suicide bite. Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner this hot lure is going to be some fishes Breakfast. Lure Weaponry strikes again! Best Rigged with 10/0 to 11/0 hook sets. 

1181 lbs Grander /Ngor Marlin Cup Senegal
1st Place, Big Rock Tournament S/F Bac Bar.

Specifications: Hard Head 
Skirted Weight: 9 oz / 255 grams 
Head Length: 2.7" / 68.5mm 
Head Diameter: 1.7" / 43mm 
Skirted Length: 14” / 356mm 
Leader: 500 - 700 lbs. 
Replacement Skirt Size: S6 
Recommended Hook Size: 10/0

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