Aftco Kite with Medium and Light Spars

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Aftco Fishing Kite. Designed for deploying live baits for Sailfish- Tuna- Marlin and other gamefish.? completely waterproof- constructed of ripstop nylon material- won't mildew and it will fly wet.? One kite is suitable for all types of wind conditions. available in two distinct sets that enable AFTCO kites to handle a complete wind range from four to nearly 16 miles per hour. And even without wind- the AFTCO kite can be slow trolled ? or drift fished by attaching a helium-filled balloon to the kite?s special loops. Also featured is an easily adjustable bridle with no metal connectors to rust or break- plus a black with white logo design that is easily visible against any sky. Though most commonly used to fish live baits for sailfish- dolphin fish and tuna- fishing kites are also extremely effective for baiting marlin- king mackerel- tarpon- sharks and even freshwater bass. In fact- there are very few predator fish that can resist a live bait struggling (or a dead bait skipping) on the water?s surface ? and the AFTCO Kite- when used properly- is the best tool for making a tantalizing surface presentation. Weight them to fly left or right and AFTCO kites can be flown and fished in tandem.

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